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Facebook Blueprint certification

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Facebook Blueprint certification

Make a difference in the world of digital marketing. Become a certified Facebook Blueprint specialist.

What is Blueprint Certification ?

Blueprint Certification attests to your advanced skill level in the Facebook family of applications and services.

PARTNER 100-101 : certified Facebook digital marketing partner

This exam assesses your fundamental skills in creating, managing, and reporting advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.


SPECIALIST 200-101 : Facebook certified science marketing specialist

Evaluates the ability to use data, insights, and metrics to make informed marketing recommendations.


SPECIALIST 300-101 : Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Specialist

Recognizes advanced understanding and strategic application of mobile fundamentals over Facebook applications and services.


SPECIALIST 400-101 : Facebook Certified Media Planning Specialist

This exam assesses your ability to design Facebook media strategies that align with business goals and marketing plans.


SPECIALIST 410-101 : Facebook certified media buying specialist

This exam assesses your ability to manage campaigns to meet the business goals required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger


SPECIALIST 500-101 : Certified Facebook Marketing Developer

This exam assesses your skills in the technical implementation of marketing solutions (Facebook pixel, pixel events, custom conversions).


SPECIALIST 510-101 : Certified Facebook Advanced Marketing Developer

This exam assesses your skills in the technical implementation of advanced solutions (SDK / App Events, dynamic ads, offline conversions).


SPECIALIST 520-101 : Developer of the Facebook certified advertising API

This exam assesses your ability to configure and troubleshoot Marketing API integrations.




Passer la certification Facebook Blueprint : https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/certification

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